Víctor Jaenada | 09.29.2016 / 12.31.2016

Hacer cosas – Doing things


OPENING:  September 29 from 19 pm.

By appointment only, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




A multi-disciplinary exhibition-work, heterogeneous in appearance with different levels of emission, where the concept of “Time” is the common denominator of the pieces. “Time” understood in the broadest sense, free of complexes, from the most superficial (hanging out doing scrolling) to the most transcendental (the stuff of Stephen Hawking). So through paintings, murals, installations, videos, audio or performance, we always end up with this concept. Subjects such as the eternal, the provisional, the immediate, the repetitive and the accumulative, populate this singular “pathway”, focussed, as Jaenada tends to, through an ironic, popular, and surprising prism. All the works are created exclusively for this exhibition, made in-situ in the actual gallery.Hacer cosas – Do things reveals itself to go beyond an average exhibition, to become a vital and creative strategy to keep us afloat in these times that it has fallen upon us to live.



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